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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Dearest You,

This week has given us all a breather so we can take a lungful of fresh river water evaporate and smell the algae as it oxygenates the world around us. I have come to the conclusion that we should all start each and every day by making a mental trip down the gorge and feeling the sunlight warm our face as it rises above the river. Without doing this, where are we? Probably at Starbucks and that's an expensive habit.

There is no fountain of youth, but there is a fountain of chocolate and, quite frankly, there is nothing elderly about dipping fruit in it. I can guarantee very little, but I will certainly stand behind my assertion that my friends are much cooler than yours when they are swimming in arctic waters.

Once on a very hot summer day I was told that I could take a frying pan full of water and dump it over my head. When I did so I found that I was quickly cooled by the initial burst of refreshing water, but then burned very badly on the scalp by the sizzling bacon that also occupied the skillet. He who has ears, let him hear...and also let him avoid a fight with Mike Tyson.

Ciao, and remember...he who hopes looks very odd entering a business meeting...or was that "he who hops"?

Dirt Wank

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  1. Unless somebody else is buying the Starbucks.