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Monday, March 8, 2010

A quizical


Follow me to the land of infinity, a place where Audis have become extinct. Follow me to the land of eternity where no other parfumes may fumigate a single nostril hair. Show me something I don't know and I will show you something that I now know, but didn't know immediately prior to you having showed me that thing. In light of this, please understand that these emails are for the best. Please do not take my thoughts as financial advice, but do invest heavily in the knowledge that what I say is made of pure gold and, further, it weighs 42.8 ounces.

The following is a series of questions designed to promote introspective contemplation. Please answer the following questions for yourself and then consider your answers and what they might mean about how you view life, love and happiness...

1) Would I rather be the water or the raft?
2) If I were a bird would I be Cuckoo or a Dodo?
3) Would I rather own, rent or set someone else's hair on fire?
4) Do I love muffins or is it more of an infatuation?
5) What is my favorite month of the year (January, March, October...) to use public restrooms?
6) Would I rather pop a wheelie or a hemorrhoid?

Now that you have contemplated some of life's most difficult ponderances I would challenge you to forward this to a friend so that they too might learn more about themself and, perhaps, the world around them.

Remember, if Toucan Sam can follow his nose, then Youcan Sam Hell better expect that I demand the same from you. Love Life. Further, do not confuse a quizical with a testicle.

Dirt Wank

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  1. I started a comment and then looked at a link (yes, the testicle again) and my comment went away. It was very insightful too but now it's gone. Glad you started a blog - but where is your picture??